Issue with updating connector schema in Airbyte Cloud


Encountering an error when updating connector schema in Airbyte Cloud related to discovering schema failure with a specific log path



I’m currently building a custom connector.

So far, I had no issue with it but I just added a stream that use the parent stream functionality.

When I want to update my connector schema, I’m facing this issue :

2024-01-16 17:48:02 platform > Cloud storage job log path: /workspace/0be2eaa4-34f6-4948-b404-ff72c9b8f148/0/logs.log```
I’m using Airbyte Cloud by the way (making it impossible to check my logs ..



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Based on the information provided in the extracts, it seems like you’re encountering an error during the schema discovery step of your custom connector. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as issues with the connector’s configuration or problems with the underlying data source. One possible cause could be related to the structure of your schema. As mentioned in this forum post, a user encountered a similar issue after updating their Airbyte version. They had a custom source connector for Elastic Search with a static schema file, and after the update, they started experiencing problems at the schema discovery step. Another potential issue could be related to the new stream that uses the parent stream functionality. As described in this forum post, a user was appending streams and specifying the json_schema field with a JSON object loaded from a schema file. The failure occurred after the data was read and about to be written to the destination connector. Unfortunately, without more specific information about your custom connector and the error message you’re encountering, it’s difficult to provide a more precise solution. I would recommend checking your connector’s configuration and the structure of your schema, and also consider running some local tests to debug the issue. If you’re still encountering issues, you might find it helpful to refer to the Airbyte Documentation for more information on defining stream schemas and developing custom connectors.