Locating source code for Airbyte Docker images


The user is looking for the source code of the airbyte/worker Docker image within the Airbyte platform repository.


Hi everyone,
I’m working on modifying some Docker images used by Airbyte. I cloned the Airbyte repository, but I noticed that the images still seem to be pulled from Docker Hub. Specifically, I’m trying to find the source code for the airbyte/worker image.
I’ve looked through the main Airbyte repo and found that the Docker Compose files reference the images, but I can’t locate where the code for these images is packaged. I came across another repository called airbyte-platform and found a directory named airbyte-workers.
Could someone clarify if this is the correct place to find the source code for the airbyte/worker image? If not, where should I look?
Thanks for the help!

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the services’ source code are not in the main repo, rather in the platform repo: https://github.com/airbytehq/airbyte-platform/tree/main/airbyte-workers