Migrating Airbyte Open Source Account to New EC2 Instance and Retrieving Metadata for Salesforce Connector Configuration


The user is looking for guidance on migrating an Airbyte open source account hosted on EC2 to a new EC2 instance. They also need to retrieve metadata for existing account connections and pipelines, including configuration for Salesforce connectors.


we need to migrate Airbyte open source account which is hosted on EC2 to new EC2 instance how can we get metadata of existing account connections and pipelines. We are getting yaml files for custom connectors but how can we get configuration for salesforce connectors?

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I suggest using an external database for this reason. If you’re not doing that yet, I think you’ll have to backup your airbyte-db docker service’s database, create a new one (preferably external) and connect the new instance to the backed up data.