Migrating from default application DB to external DB

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: No
  • Deployment: K8s via Helm Chart
  • Airbyte Version: 0.40.14
  • Description: Was previously using default values for the application database, but now I have an external Postgres DB in Aurora I would like to use as the application database. I passed in the values to the externalDatabase portion of the Helm values, and it created the schema in the database, but it doesn’t seem to be using it as the app DB, instead relying on the existing Docker container. How do I point it to only use the new external DB?

Edit: I also set the postgresql.enabled value to false.

Hi! Just to double check, have you followed this doc on connecting to an external database?

I did, but it wasn’t clear and only seemed relevant to Docker. I’ll re-read!

Edit: In my first pass, it isn’t clear where to set those environment variables in the Helm Chart. Wouldn’t setting these be enough?

  enabled: false
  host: ${db_host}
  user: ${db_user}
  password: ${db_password}
  database: ${db_name}
  port: ${db_port}

Edit: didn’t see your edit, sorry! These should be set in the .env file in the root directory.

Good to know, I’ll talk to our docs team :slight_smile: I think what might work is setting the environmental variables in .env, that’s right below the docker postgres creation command:

I’m curious, though, how these would be set using a Helm Chart (that I’m deploying via Terraform). I currently don’t know of a way to inject extra env values to every pod using Helm.