Mixpanel Source Connector Error with Cohorts Endpoint


The user is experiencing errors related to the cohorts endpoint limit being exceeded when using the Mixpanel source connector with specific docker image tags. They are wondering why the connector is trying to access the cohorts endpoint despite only selecting export streams and seeking a solution.


Hello!! I’m having some issues with Mixpanel source connector (docker image tags: 2.0.0 and 2.0.1)
I have a Mixpanel source where I only have selected export stream.
When I try to sync I got errors regarding cohots endpoint limit exceeded.
: Request URL: <https://mixpanel.com/api/2.0/cohorts/list>, Response Code: 429, Response Text: {"request": "/api/2.0/cohorts/list", "error": "Query rate limit exceeded for project_id: <REMOVED> 1/5 queries running concurrently and 61/60 queries running in the last hour. For more information, please consult our documentation at <https://help.mixpanel.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004602563-Rate-Limits-for-Export-API-Endpoints>"}
Does anyone knows why the source connector is trying cohort endpoint (even when I only select export), have this problem or know how to solve this?
Thank you!

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