Mongo Connector Schema Discovery Fails

Is it possible there is some sort of timeout when discovering schema that can be adjusted? Schema discovery continues to fail, but I do see Airbyte trying on the Mongo side

Hello @jeff.crooks,

We significantly improved the schema discovery performance of the MongoDB source connector in v2 0.1.9. Could you please check which version of the connector you are using and if you might be able to upgrade it?

I’m using 0.1.15 and also tested 0.1.14

I see! Seems like this might be similar to this open issue on GitHub, and related to another larger one. Could you open an issue on our GitHub and include the error logs? That way I can include it in the list and it might get moved up in the roadmap.

No error logs are provided when schema discovery fails. The 2nd link is a 404 for me

Sorry about that, didn’t realize that’s an internal link. Are you able to see the server logs, and if so, could you paste them here or attach a .txt file?