MSSQL Connection Overwrite mode

Using MSSQL as destination with basic normalization produce error in second run as normalized table already created and dbt throw the following error:

When searching for a relation, dbt found an approximate match. Instead of guessing,which relation to use, dbt will move on. Please delete <<table name>>, or rename it to be less ambiguous

I using Full Refresh | Overwrite mode in this connection, Am I missing piece of configuration to force dbt to skip table creation if already exist ?

Hey @yusufollaek,
Could you please retry after a reset of your destination data, by clicking the reset button on the connection setting and deleting tables created by Airbyte in your MSSQL destination?
If the error persists could you please share:

  • Your Airbyte version
  • Your source connector and its version
  • Your destination MSSQL connector version
  • The full sync logs
  • Your source catalog (instruction on how to extract it here)

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