Need help with Trade Desk to Whatagraph data migration using Airbyte


Client needs assistance with connecting Trade Desk API to Whatagraph using Airbyte. Looking for support partner recommendation in Australia and inquiring about the availability of a Trade Desk source connector in Airbyte.


Hi team, I have a client who needs to move data from one API to another: The Trade Desk to Whatagraph.

I’d love to use Airbyte but the developer I used found it too difficult and quit the project. I personally believe that Airbyte wasn’t to blame so I’d love your help in getting the connection sorted. Any assistance with my Qs below would be grealy apprecaited.

  1. I’ve had a look at the Airbyte partners page but can’t find a support partner in the Australia region. Does someone have a recommendation?
  2. On Google, I get results for 404 pages that mention a TTD source connector – is this in development, or was it removed? A native connector would make our lives so much easier!
    Thanks team!

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