Newbie question: connection time out


I’m trying to develop a connector for Konnektive CRM api. I’ve followed tutorials around and I believe I’m close to having a very simple data pull. However, got stuck here:

trying to test my connector, I run

 python read --config secrets/config.json --catalog sample_files/configured_catalog.json

but I get the following error:

The query is formulated well, and gives me a response if I paste it to a web browser.

What I noticed is that it says port=80; for an https request shouldn’t it be 443? Is it possible to pass a particular port there?

Or maybe that is irrelevant and you have other ideas of what am I doing wrong?

Apologies if that is something trivial; I’ve just got stuck for several hours trying to understand what’s wrong.

Finally found the reason. One just needs to be mindful about “/” .

In my case, though the url (see the image above) shows /customer/query/?.., changing

return "customer/query"

within path method to

return "customer/query/"

did the trick.

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Thank you for sharing how you solved it!

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