"Request raised an error with response"

One of our custom-built connectors is having an issue where we’re missing some data at the destination, and the only clue we’ve got is that there are a bunch of lines in the logs file that look like:

2022-06-05 13:24:14 e[44msourcee[0m > Syncing stream: tickets 
2022-06-05 13:24:15 e[44msourcee[0m > Request raised an error with response: <SNIPPED BECAUSE IT CONTAINS ORG DATA, SOME OF WHICH JUST HAPPENS TO BE THE MISSING DATA WE'RE LOOKING FOR>

The sync finishes fine, otherwise. Any clue what’s happening here? The connector works perfect fine when I run it on my machine via python main.py read --... with no errors.

Hey can you share the complete logs of the sync

Sure here you go, I’ve edited it a bit to remove some of the org-specific data that was captured, hope you don’t mind:

logs-5661.txt (164.4 KB)

Sure here you go:

logs-5661.txt (164.4 KB)

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Also I could see that there are 798 records in users stream similarly there are records in other streams also. Were you expecting more records?

Not at this time, no.

Then I think you can neglect that error if the data is matching the expected records

I’m sorry, I misread the question - we ARE missing data actually, 3 records to be exact.

Hey is there any pattern for these records?

Uhh, what do you mean by “pattern”?

I mean do you see anything linked in these 3 records which are missing?

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