Notification messages for failed sync


Exploring how notification messages work for failed sync in Airbyte platform.


<@U04SE163WC8> how does the notification messages work when catching a failed sync?

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When a sync fails in Airbyte, the system will automatically attempt to replicate the data three times. You can see and export the logs for these attempts in the connection detail page, which you can access through the Source or Destination detail page. You can also configure a Slack webhook to warn you when a sync fails. In the future, you will be able to configure other notification methods such as email and Sentry, and an option to create a GitHub issue with the logs source. Airbyte provides different types of notification events. For instance, you will receive a notification when a sync from any of your connections fails. If a connection fails 50 times consecutively or there were only failed jobs in the past 7 days, you will receive a warning. If a connection fails 100 times consecutively or has been failing for 14 days in a row, it will be automatically disabled and you will be notified source. To set up email notifications, you can go to the Airbyte UI, click on Settings, navigate to Notifications, and toggle which messages you’d like to receive from Airbyte. All email notifications will be sent by default to the creator of the workspace. You can change the recipient and save the notification email recipient. If you want to send email notifications to more than one recipient, you can enter an email distribution list as the recipient source. When a sync is about to fail and the connector can provide meaningful information to the user about what to do next, Error Trace Messages are used. Syncs can fail for multiple reasons, and therefore multiple AirbyteErrorTraceMessage can be sent from a connector source.