Obtaining Hubspot Lifecyclestage Label in Airbyte Connector


The user is trying to sync Hubspot data to RDS Postgres DB using the Hubspot connector in Airbyte. They are facing an issue where custom lifecyclestage labels are not being synced, only the stage ID. They are looking for a way to obtain the lifecyclestage label through the Airbyte Hubspot connector.


Hello everyone,
I’m new to Airbyte and just recently joined this slack community. If I’m posting on the wrong channel please refer me to the right one.
I’m using the Hubspot connector to sync my company’s Hubspot data to our RDS Postgres DB.
On Hubspot Contact table, there is a field called lifecyclestage. This field refers to the life-cycle-stage of a contact, and has default values (Lead, Subscriber, etc.) and support custom values, edited by the Hubspot user.
When syncing the data, the custom stages appears only has their stage ID and not the user generated name (referred to as label).
After browsing Hubspot properties API, I see there is an additional lifecyclestage label that can be obtained via the API, but I couldn’t find it in the data synced from Airbyte.
Does anyone have any idea how can I get this label using Airbyte Hubspot connector?
Thanks in advance!

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