Oracle Source - how to select tables not shown (Read only access)


How do i setup which tables to sync from an Oracle DB that i only have read only access to?

When using Oracle SQL Developer and i connect to the DB the tables or views are not shown - which is expected. But i am able to query the tables and views.

I have connected Airbyte’s Oracle source (0.3.19) to the DB, but as expected i can not see any steams to select to sync.

How do i manually add the tables to sync?


Hey if you have access to those tables then you should see them in the streams also. Can you do through this documentation Oracle DB | Airbyte Documentation and see if all the steps are good.

Thanks, i have read through that do, but it assumes that i have access to the DB to create the user and the tables etc etc. But in my use case, I only have access to read the data.

Is there any other option?

Hey, then you can fork the current source and see if you can find a workaround. Incase you need more on this feel free to create a issue in github