Passing token value as a path parameter to another API in Airbyte Builder


When encountering a Jinja macro error with undeclared variables like ‘token’, the issue is related to passing the token value as a path parameter to another API in Airbyte Builder. The user wants to know how to correctly pass the token received from the ‘create_token’ API to the ‘ADX API’ as a path parameter.


I am trying to support the following APIs in Airbyte Builder in the cloud. I am encountering the following error. I want to know how to pass the token value as a path parameter to another API.
Create Token:
“end”: 1712230022,
“token”: “82fd7b1a22b98f2ae46f6ede85382a2b”
ADX API:{{token}}/adx-report
How do I pass the token to the ADS API as a path parameter that was received from the create_token API?

ValueError: Jinja macro has undeclared variables: {'token'}.```



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I’m assuming you’re using Session Token authentication method in Builder?

If that’s the case — Builder assumes you will inject the token either as an HTTP header, or a query param, let me ask folks if we expose the token as a variable available for interpolation.

Yep, the token variable is currently not exposed for interpolation.

I mean, honestly, auth token in path is rather unorthodox. Do you have control over the API side, and if so, should you change it to accept the token in a header?

We cannot control this. This is an external API.

Having an authentication token in the URL path is honestly uncanny :melting_face:

Okay, so, that behavior is not supported as of right now. Want to file a github issue for this?