Persistent Testing Values in Connector Builder


Connector Builder now persists testing values across sessions, eliminating the need to re-enter them. Utilizes secure secret persistence logic.


:mega: :connector-builder: Feature announcement: Connector Builder builder testing values now persist across sessions, meaning that you will no longer need to re-enter testing values whenever leaving and returning to a builder connector project.
This utilizes the same secure secret persistence logic that we use for connector configurations, utilizing the configured secret persistence type for your deployment.

This feature has been released to Airbyte Cloud and is included in open-source|v0.50.47. Happy building! :connector-builder:

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I’m sorry, but the information extracts provided do not contain any details about the feature announcement for the Connector Builder’s testing values persisting across sessions. Therefore, I’m unable to provide a detailed response to this announcement. However, based on the general information about the Connector Builder, it’s a tool that allows you to create and iterate on your low-code connectors directly within the Airbyte web app. Once your connector is ready, you can publish it to your local workspace, configure a Source based on the released connector, and use the Source in a connection to sync data. You can learn more about this in the Connector Builder documentation. For the specific feature you mentioned, I recommend checking the release notes or the specific version tag on GitHub for more details.