Persisting new connector updates issue in Airbyte container


Airbyte does not persist new connector updates in the container, updates reappear after container restart


airbyte doesn’t persist new connectors updates, each time i stop the container and restart it these updates appear again
I’m using the latest version or airbyte

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have you clicked Upgrade all or Change for every connector on Sources/Destinations list?

yes i clicked Upgrade all and then stopped the container and started it again and the same updates appeared again

which Airbyte version do you have?
in older versions I noticed a behaviour that connector version was updated after pulling Docker image, but it has changed in some recent versions of Airbyte

latest version 63.4
I just pulled it yesterday

I’m gonna try adding my own app database and see if the same behavior happens

recent versions of Airbyte don’t need to pull Docker image before updating connector version, so that’s not the case

have you checked logs while upgrading connectors?

what service should i check it’s logs?


in my logs I can see something like this:

there are no persisted logs for postgres for example
and the same issue still happening

in that case, I’d check all the logs, maybe there are exceptions somewhere

that’s the entire logs
no persisted logs ever

Hey <@U0752T2P800> - thanks for reporting! We identified a bug that can cause connector versions for unused connectors to be reverted to the version of the connector that was bundled with your version of Airbyte.

This should not affect connectors that you’ve configured or that are in use in connections - these should properly be updated and respect any changes made to the version.

Could you create a GitHub issue to track resolution?