Problem running dbt in Airbyte on Kubernetes

I have an S3 bucket with .csv data on AWS.
Postgres database.
Airbyte runs on Kubernetes.

My problem is that after adding to Airbyte connector the custom DBT transformation by link to GitHub i catched the error like which i wrote in the topic.
I tryed:
Change DBT version, Change links to GitHub, Change batch size of data, Deleting Kubernetes pod logs

Another errors:
pod: default / dbt-custom-751-2-pzbvd) - Closed all resources for pod
generic gobbler IOException: Socket closed. Typically happens when cancelling a job.
Writing async status FAILED for KubePodInfo[namespace=default, name=orchestrator-dbt-job-751-attempt-2]…
Running the launcher dbt-orchestrator failed

I hope someone know how to fix it
Logs attached

logs-751.txt (292.1 KB)

Hey we don’t support custom DBT over kube, we have an issue here which you can follow

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