Questions about Data Transformation Features, Forcing Data Retrieval from 3rd Party API, and Error in UI Builder


User is inquiring about data transformation features mentioned on the webpage but not found in the docs, how to send a request to Airbyte to force data retrieval from a 3rd party API, and encountering an error in the UI Builder when starting from scratch.


Hi guys, Iā€™m not sure if this is a good channel for my question but let me try :wink:
ā€¢ on the webpage I found information that Airbyte have some data transformation features but I can not find it in the docs, could some one help me, please?
ā€¢ I have a use case when I need to send request to Airbyte to force getting data from some 3rd party API source on user request, how can I do that (it ok if coding is needed)?
ā€¢ on the demo app and after deploy in docker when I go to Builder -> Start from scratch I cannot use UI builder becouse of fallowing error "Error handling request: A valid manifest should have at least one stream defined. Got []" what should I do?
every hint will be great, here or in DM, thx

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