Redshift V2 sync failing with string value exceeding max size


The user is experiencing a sync failure in Airbyte when using Redshift V2 as the destination due to a string value exceeding the max size of 65535 bytes, despite expecting this issue to be resolved in the newer version. The user is seeking clarification on why this error is occurring.


Hi All - I am using Redshift V2 as my destination for Airbyte syncs. I am using version 2.1.8. The sync unfortunately fails saying that I should look at the stl_load_errors table. After inspecting it, I can see that the COPY command fails because of the error String value exceeds the max size of 65535 bytes. When I moved to V2, I was under the impression this would not happen any longer, also as mentioned in the docs here:*1iprgay*_gcl_au*MTUyNDY0NTY2LjE3MTAxNjUzMTM.#data-size-limitations

Am I missing anything?

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