Resetting Airbyte password deployed with docker-compose.yml file


Guide on resetting Airbyte password deployed with docker-compose.yml file


HI Team,we have deployed airbyte using docker-compose.yml file. how to reset password for airbyte any leads pls ?

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To change the default username and password for Airbyte, you need to modify your environment’s .env file. Here’s how you can do it: 1. Open the .env file in your Airbyte deployment directory. 2. Look for the following lines: bash # Proxy Configuration # Set to empty values, e.g. "" to disable basic auth BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME=your_new_username_here BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD=your_new_password_here 3. Replace your_new_username_here and your_new_password_here with your new username and password respectively. Please note that this method is only applicable for Docker Compose deployments. For more details, you can refer to the Airbyte Security Documentation.

We already disable default password and created user airbytes with password we need to reset password for airbytes.