Response Text: Pagination limit reached for offset model - zendesk support

hello All!. I am having a problem with zendesk support for the metric ticket table because it is giving me “Response Text: Pagination limit reached for offset model” problems, has anyone been able to solve it and can tell me how to fix the problem?
logs-439.txt (147.9 KB)

I think I found the root cause of this error.
Zendesk introduced a new pagination model, the cursor-based pagination. Our connector uses the previous pagination model which is offset-based.
To encourage migration to the newest pagination model Zendesk restricts the pagination to 1000 page with the offset-based model. More details [here](,depth%20(and%20100%2C000%20resources).
I think this PR from our connector team might have solved the error.
Could you please upgrade your source-zendesk-support connector to 0.2.10 and let me know if the error is still here?

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I had a similar issue and it was solved by the PR. Thank you @alafanechere!

When I sync ticket_metrics I can only fetch a subset of all the data and I am missing lots of rows even though my set up is as below:

What I noticed is that there is no tickets which were closed in 2021 and earlier, also updated_at is mostly 2022-MM-DD

This is the view I have in Zendesk for 2021

logs-853.txt (33.3 KB)

Hey @jablonskijakub, I’m glad the PR solved the original problem. As your problem is fairly different from the original one please open a new ticket in the troubleshooting section?

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