Running a sync with Incremental | Deduped mode but it works the same way as incremental | Append

I created a connection from Freshdesk to Redshift & selected the stream “ticket” for replication.

For this, I set the sync mode to Incremental | Deduped with following settings:
Primary Key: subject
Cursor field: This is source defined [updated_at], therefore i couldn’t change this.

After i run first sync, i have the following output

After 2nd sync, it adds another row with updated subject which is technically the behavior of incremental | Append & not deduped.
We can observe that the column “updated_at” which was my cursor field has an updated value but still it adds another row instead of updating the existing row

If you have a change in the subject column then how could it match the two rows?
Try setting the PK to Id column which should allow matching the same row
Primary Key: id

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this worked for me, thanks!