Setting global.airbyteURL value for airbyte-server pods without ingress in OSS helm deployment


When upgrading an OSS helm deployment for airbyte-server pods without an ingress, the global.airbyteUrl value is required. However, without an ingress, setting values like localhost or airbyte-airbyte-webapp-svc.airbyte.svc.cluster.local breaks port forwarding on the web. Looking for an appropriate value to set for global.airbyteURL.


:wave: I’m attempting to upgrade an OSS helm deployment and finding that global.airbyteUrl is a required value for airbyte-server pods, however our deployment doesn’t have an ingress. I’m looking for an appropriate value to set for global.airbyteURL. localhost and airbyte-airbyte-webapp-svc.airbyte.svc.cluster.local both break port forwarding on web :confused:

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Hello Brent, where did you see this is a required value?

Hey Marcos. Starting on airbyte-platform tag v0.60.0, chart 0.78.4:
• airbyte-server will not start if AIRBYTE_URL is not defined in the confimap (see last 3 lines of snippet below)
• my portforward issue was unrelated. The error was a bit cryptic, but TL;DR the port on web changed from 80 to 8080 and I didn’t update scripts
• setting the url to anything seems to work after all, however a sane default for airbyte-server like the rest of the charts would be a good idea

I can verify that the keycloak deployment would also break if I had it enabled.
• airbyte-server tries to use AIRBYTE_URL from configmap here
• keycloak
• and the configmap probably needs a default|here of an empty string or perhaps <http://airbyte-airbyte-webapp-svc:80>

If anyone stumbles across this because their forwarding broke on v0.60.0, I should’ve been forwarding to a named port instead of 80which changed to 8080 . You can forward local to a named port like so kubectl port-forward service/airbyte-airbyte-webapp-svc 8999:http -n airbyte