Setting up Airbyte with custom Dockerfile and script


The user is inquiring about setting up Airbyte using a custom Dockerfile and initiating it with the script.


has anyone setup airbyte with custom dockerfile/docker compose and initiating via script?

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> i’ve gotten the script to run but i’m getting stuck on ‘docker daemon down’ and not sure how to bring that up without root. maybe airbyte has a different approach to this?

If you want to customize the docker file you can use docker-compose up later and down to manage your instance

i’ve customized a dockerfile and have been using docker-compose up to manage the instance, but it is not deploying entirely as the docker daemon (in my container) is not able to run

Airbyte requires docker compose to run so i included docker enginer and docker compose plugin with my image

But somewhere in the it needs docker daemon to run (obviously), that part i have not been able to resolve

I’m on a mac, docker desktop running in background. Linux start docker daemon manually using dockerd.

Right that works for me too, i’m referring to running ‘’ inside a docker container through

Nevermind, figured it out!