Setup guide and icon for newly created source?

Hi, I’ve recently finished creating my first connector. Works fine, does the job, but before publishing it openly there is some polishing to do.

One of the things is - how can I change the default icon, and how to have a local setup guide? I mean, looking at other connectors it seems that no .md file is present locally.

  • Is it referred in .spec?
  • Can I use a local file for setup guide?
  • What about an icon, how to add that?


Hey, great to hear that you have finished the connector.

  1. You can find the icons in airbyte-config/init/src/main/resources/icons
  2. You will find documentations for connectors in docs/
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Thanks so much for the response!

I’ve added the icon and the documentation, following the naming convention for other icons and docs: <source_name>.svg and <source_name>.md, where <source_name> is a name of the source without the “source-” part (e.g., klaviyo instead of source-klaviyo).

I’ve tried two different approaches.

  1. I’ve first removed the source, updated the source version; the icon and the setup guide didn’t appear.

  2. I then removed the source and added the source as a new source (rather than a change of version). The icon and the setup guide still did not appear.

So, maybe there are additional configs needed to be done to make the .md and the icon go live?

P.S. I still think that your response is a solution, but likely incomplete, so I temporarily lifted that.

For that I think we need to build the complete Airbyte and add the icon in source_definition file but yeah pretty much those are the steps. Ideally it should work