Source Facebook Marketing: Add leads stream

Hi all,

We need the following changes made. Source facebook-marketing: add On-Facebook Leads stream · Issue #15507 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub

I will assign my developer to work with you, to make the changes required.

Can you please assign a POC, so we can work with you closely? It will be cost efficient if we have support initially, rather than we exploring on our own.

First, I will have the developer compile the platform. After that, we can have a short meeting to make the changes for FB connector specifically.


Hi @Vijay_Alilaghatta, it’d be hard to provide 1-on-1 support but I’m happy to help you and your developer get this stream added to the facebook marketing connector. Let us know what questions you have and I’ll try our best to answer them.

Hi @sajarin/All

I am working with @Vijay_Alilaghatta to help adding the streams in Facebook marketing connector. However when I pulled the changes to my local, and tried building it, tests are getting failed and build is also not getting successful.

I have attached the logs getting printed in the console, Can you please have a look at it once and provide your feedback.

Just FYI, I am following the below article to configure it.

Ankit Sharma

AirbyteLogs.txt (24.4 KB)

Hi @ankitsharma37, thanks for working on this.

Have you tried building the entire project with the ./gradlew command? If you have can you post the logs of that run as well? Thanks in advance.

Thanks @sajarin for the response.
Yes, we have tried building the entire project using the following command but unfortunately build still failed. Attaching those logs for your reference.
myLogs.txt (36.8 KB)

Command: $ SUB_BUILD=PLATFORM ./gradlew build -x test --scan > myLogs.txt 2>&1

Hi @sajarin ,

Can you let us know if the attached log file ( myLogs.txt) provides you with required information to help us?


Hey guys, can you please help us?

Hey @Vijay_Alilaghatta and @ankitsharma37,

Apologies for the significant delay in response, I know you wanted better support to help your team build out this stream for the Facebook connector. It probably seems like we don’t care or that we’re not very helpful in enabling our community to improve Airbyte. We definitely do care and we want to get this stream merged into our main branch so other users can benefit from the improved connector.

Based on the attached logs you posted earlier, it seems like you are missing some dependencies? For the SpotbugMain, it says it has NO SOURCE, which may be why that particular job fails. Is the fork you made for this project synced with our main branch?

Try running this command and let me know how it goes: SUB_BUILD=PLATFORM ./gradlew clean build

We definitely want to help you improve this connector and will prioritize support for this to get it merged. That’s my commitment to you.

Thank you @sajarin - I know among many priorities these things get lost. But we want to really get this Leads stream working ASAP. We will try your suggestion and get back immediately.

Thanks for your support!

@sajarin Thanks for the response!

Yes, I again synced the code but It is still failing, I have attached the latest logs generated after running the command mentioned above.

Airbyte_output.txt (21.5 KB)

Please let us know if we are missing anything.


Hey @ankitsharma37,

You are using Windows right? Are you using WSL2? Are you able to deploy AIrbyte? (via the docker-compose up command? I believe Airbyte requires WSL2 to work properly on Windows machines. This may be the reason why the gradle build is failing but I’m not 100% convinced that’s the reason.

Are you able to follow this tutorial and successfully build the connector defined?

Sorry for the frustrating experience, I don’t see anything immediately obvious that’s missing here. Have you ever built the platform successfully before?

Thanks @sajarin - I will try some on my mac and will update you.

Thanks @Vijay_Alilaghatta! Let me know how I can help here.