New Source (LinkedIn Company Pages) is almost ready! - How can I pass this off to the airbyte team?

I’m working on a python source connector for LinkedIn Company Pages (organic stats, not paid ads), and I’ve gotten it about as far as I can get it. It’s now functional in my local airbyte instance and syncing 7 streams successfully to BigQuery.

I’m very new at this and have never contributed to any repos or even used python before this month, haha.

SO, thank you airbyte for making the CDK so relatively easy for a beginner! But I think this connector is very close to being fully functional and ready to share, but I’m not sure how to get it to the finish line. Here is the github issue also.

What can I do to pass this off and hopefully have someone from airbyte finish it up and add it to the public repo?

You can submit a PR in the Airbyte repo. You can read guidance here:

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PR submitted! :slightly_smiling_face: