Source Facebook Pages: Error in connection with v12.0 API

EnviromentAirbyte version : latest version on docker hub
OS Version / Instance : Ubuntu 20.04
Deployment : Docker
Source Connector and version : Facebook pages 0.1.6
Step where error happened : Set up Source
Current Behavior
The connection tests failed.

Airbyte hitting Facebook graph API with version v12.0 which I guess is deprecated. I have checked it with v13.0 and its working

Hello @vbhv we’re waiting the facebook_bussiness python sdk get updated to latest version. Now the latest version available is v.12.0

Check here: facebook-python-business-sdk/ at main · facebook/facebook-python-business-sdk · GitHub

There is a PR opened in Facebook Marketing waiting their approval: update api and sdk version to v13 by marcosmarxm · Pull Request #609 · facebook/facebook-python-business-sdk · GitHub

Airbyte needs to wait until this is merged to be able to retrieve data using v13.0 API.

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