Source Zendesk Support: Negative IDs / integers for Zendesk Support connection

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte? No
  • OS Version / Instance: Ubuntu / AWS EC2
  • Memory / Disk: m5.2xlarge - 8 CPU, 32 GB Memory
  • Deployment: Docker
  • Airbyte Version: 0.39.14-alpha
  • Source name/version: airbyte/source-zendesk-support:0.2.15
  • Destination name/version: airbyte/destination-s3:0.3.14
  • Step:
  1. Create a connection between Zendesk Support and S3, in a parquet format.
  2. Query the data (in that case, using Athena). It will be possible to see IDs as negative floats when it should be integers. Also, the numbers don’t match the original ID on Zendesk. Example with Zendesk Ticket Comments table:
  • Description: Some additional comments;
    • This doesn’t happen to other sources, apparently only with Zendesk.
    • My assumption is that Zendesk provides some big integers for some columns. When the code converts data to a parquet, it “changes” the values.

Hi @israel.mendes, I think your assumption is correct and if that’s the case, we can most likely have a community contribution to fix the error.

I escalated the issue to github here: Please follow there for updates.

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I will follow up on Github then, thanks @sajarin!