Stripe Balance transactions' types


We used to request directly Stripe API to get balance transactions and we got payment, payment_refund and adjustment as types.
Now we use Airbyte to get balance transactions and we only have charge, refund, application_fee, and application_fee_refund as types.

Can you tell me why ? And how to have payment, payment_refund and adjustment again ? Please :slight_smile:

Hey if the balance transaction API returns those keys (payment, payment_refund and adjustment) then we should be able to solve this by adding it in the schema. Could you confirm if this is how the balance transaction API response looks like?

Hey ! Sorry I didn’t see you answered ! The balance transaction API response looks like this : airbyte/balance_transactions.json at master · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub (because it is Stripe balance transactions, not Shopify’s). But I also have reporting_category field.

oh my bad didn’t see its stripe. So, if we gonna add a new field to this balance_transactions stripe schema will it help?

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