Stuck sync status after restoring backup


Connections stuck in ‘syncing’ status after restoring backup, unable to cancel syncs



We had to restore a backup of our airbyte machine and it seems the backup was made during a sync. As such we have 2 connections where the status is stuck to syncing while no attempt is listed in the UI.

I can’t cancel the syncs, the button does nothing…

Is there a way I can fix this ? My pipelines have been stuck for 36 hours now :confused:

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Hi Xavier, I’ve had the same issue happen to me a couple of weeks ago. When hitting “cancel sync” and monitoring the logs you’ll notice that the temporal DB is throwing out multiple errors on Null connection references.

My solution was to completely drop the temporal and temporal visibility databases, remove bad workflows using temporal|cli and clear running jobs in the airbyte db itself (they were not really running!). After conducting these actions Airbyte recovered and started syncing again.

P.S (edit):
Fixing this is not straightforward and do so on your own risk. On my end, I took great care in understanding which data and databases I’m removing to ensure I’m not experiencing any data-loss or making irreparable harm to the deployment.