Synchronize Airbyte workspaces with git repository and variabilize source destination and connection replication


Airbyte users are interested in synchronizing Airbyte workspaces with a git repository to utilize Terraform for CICD. They also want to variabilize source, destination, and connection replication based on different environments.


Hi Airbyte champions

Is it a plan on close future to synchronize Airbyte workspaces (core and cloud) with a git/github repository (master / releases branches)
Purpose : Avoid if we want to use Terraform as unique CICD solution for my Airbyte pipelines <== like for DBT cloud Workspaces

And possibility to variabilize source destination & connection replication regarding “Environments” DEV / TEST / PROD parameters values (example @servers , @url etc …)
In fact , how to avoid to “hard-code” on source / destination / connection replication by using ENV paramerters ?
<== like for DBT cloud jobs & environments parameters

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