API for uploading source plugin docker on Cloud Airbyte


Inquiring about the API for uploading source plugin docker on Cloud Airbyte and reporting missing option to upload source plugin via docker


Hey team,
Is there any api to upload source plugin docker on cloud airbyte?
Also, option to upload source plugin via docker is not showing in cloud airbyte

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Based on the information provided in the extracts, it appears that the ability to programmatically use a custom connector as a source is currently only available in Airbyte’s open-source software (OSS) and not in Airbyte Cloud. This information was discussed in a GitHub discussion where it was mentioned that this feature is being worked on for Airbyte Cloud, with an estimated completion time of January 2024. However, you can upload a Docker-based custom connector in Airbyte. This is ideal for connectors that have an internal use case like a private API with a specific fit for your organization. You can follow the guide provided in the Airbyte documentation to understand the process. Please note that your built Docker image must be accessible to the docker daemon running on the Airbyte node. If you’re doing this locally, the instructions provided should be sufficient. Otherwise, you may need to push your Docker image to Dockerhub as mentioned in the Airbyte tutorial. For more specific or updated information, I would recommend checking the official Airbyte documentation or reaching out to the Airbyte community.

Hi <@U06N9069961>, if you’re talking about uploading custom connector docker images, this is something we only do at the moment with a sales contract in place. If you have one, reach out to your salesperson!

The other option for custom connectors on cloud is building your connector via the connector builder.