Syncing data between ERP and WooCommerce using Airbyte


Exploring the feasibility of using Airbyte to sync data between ERP and WooCommerce, including the need for real-time syncing from WooCommerce to ERP.


Hello from Norway.

Sorry if this is the wrong channel. I’m currently looking into Airbyte to use for syncing various fields from erp to a woocommerce shop. I think I would have to write my own connector for the erp but it doesn’t seem that hard to accomplish. But here is the thing, I also have to do some syncing the other way, from woocommerce to erp, specifically when the stock changes, and maybe in the future syncing entire orders too.

On one hand Airbyte feels like the right way to go, but on the other hand I am not sure. Syncing from erp to woo can be done with intervals like 30 mins, but the other way has to happen more or less real-time to keep it up. I was hoping I could trigger a sync, maybe a small wordpress plugin can trigger on stock change? But could not find any resources about doing that.

Any input, should I really be looking for something else? It feels like a very good system!

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Not entirely sure, but Airbyte itself has an API, I think you can kick off a sync using that. So once you have a connection from woo to erp, you could run it on demand if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks for replying. I will check the API :slight_smile: