Temporal Error with New Temporal Image on EKS


Error message indicates inability to connect to SQL database with the new Temporal image on EKS. Switching to an older image resolves the issue. Questioning if the new image has an issue or if the helm chart needs adjustments.


Hi, we are also getting the temporal error:

ERROR Unable to create SQL database. {"error": "unable to connect to DB, tried default DB names: postgres,defaultdb, errors: [pq: no pg_hba.conf entry for host \"\", user \"airbyte\", database \"postgres\", no encryption pq: no pg_hba.conf entry for host \"\", user \"airbyte\", database \"defaultdb\", no encryption]", "logging-call-at": "handler.go:94"}
similar to this thread: https://airbytehq.slack.com/archives/C01AHCD885S/p1716321472479589

The issue is with the new temporal image temporalio/auto-setup:1.23.0: when deploying to EKS (with AWS RDS as host), temporal fails to connect with that error seen above.
Changing the image on the fly of the pod to the old image 1.20.1, temporal connects to the DB properly and does its job fine.
=> it seems that either the new image has an issue, or the helm chart is missing something to account for changes in the new image ?

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