Teradata destination connector - Run write command using docker

I’m currently building java destination connector for teradata. Implementing destination with AbstractJdbcDestination as teradata supports JDBC connections. I am able to run spec, check and write directly from docker. When I ran write command with file message.jsonl file, content was not loading to teradata table. The following command I am using to load data to teradata.

cat messages.jsonl | docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/secrets:/secrets -v $(pwd)/sample_files:/sample_files airbyte/destination-teradata:dev write --config /secrets/config.json --catalog /sample_files/configured_catalog.json

Please find the messages.jsonl and configured_catalog.json files.



Hey @SatishChGit, thanks for your patience while I look into this! Were you following a specific tutorial/piece of documentation while working on this?

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Yes @natalyjazzviolin I followed documentation Building a Java Destination | Airbyte Documentation

Are you handling exceptions with the AirbyteTraceMessage class?

This seems like it should raise an exception, since the connector is not running as expected.

Yes I handled exceptions as per documentation. But I don’t see any exceptions. attached output logs for write command execution.

IssueLog.txt (6.6 KB)

Here the implemented class of teradata for your reference.
airbyte/TeradataSqlOperations.java at teradata_destination · SatishChGit/airbyte (github.com)

What I observed from logs is Implementation of AirbyteMessageConsumer - accept method is not calling. Only start and close methods are executing.

I found this doc:

It states that “The destination should ignore fields or streams that are out of sync with the catalog.”

Could you double check that all streams/fields are in the catalog?