Trouble installing airbyte-ci on Mac Silicon


The user is facing an issue while trying to install airbyte-ci on a Mac Silicon. The error message indicates a problem with the Python installation. The user has already set up a python alias pointing to python3 and checked the PATH variable.


I’m trying to install airbyte-ci on my new mac silicon but can’t move past this:

pipx not found, skipping uninstall of pipelines
Removed airbyte-ci
Removed airbyte-ci-internal
Removed airbyte-ci-dev
All airbyte-ci references removed from pyenv versions.
Cleanup of airbyte-ci install completed.
make: python: No such file or directory
make: *** [tools.airbyte-ci-binary.install] Error 1```
I already have a python alias that points to `python3`; have a symbolic link `/usr/local/bin/python -> /usr/local/bin/python3`; and checked `PATH`

Any help?



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We should probably improve our readme there. The easiest way to install it is probably to just cd into pipelines directory and pip install .

Or install from pypi :eyes:

I managed to run it through a virtualenv. You’ll probably run into dockerd issues on macos then. In the end I just ran the thing on linux ec2

Thanks <@U06HNC55M99>. Frustrating but I guess that’ll do

<@U066U84SC0P> Thanks for posting an update—I’m sure this will help other folks in the future!

Yup, everything’s working!