Trouble updating custom connector versions


When trying to update the version of custom connectors in Airbyte UI by pushing a new version of the docker image to a private container registry, an error occurs as the image is not found. Manually running ‘docker pull’ on the VM fixes the issue. This behavior was not necessary before.


Hello everyone. I am having some problems updating the version of custom connectors. After we push a new version of the docker image to our private container registry, we try to update the version on the Airbyte UI but we get an error and after checking the worker logs, we see the problem is that the image was not found.

After we run the docker pull manually on the VM, the problem is fixed. This was not necessary before, but for some reason, Airbyte is not running the pull for new versions.
We are running the Airbyte version 0.50.37 in a Azure VM.

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