Trouble with LinkedId Ads connector on Airbyte version 0.50.45


Facing HTTPError ‘426 Client Error: Upgrade Required’ when pulling LinkedId Ads data with Airbyte version 0.50.45 on AWS EC2. Updated connector to version 0.7.0 but connection still fails. Seeking help to understand error and potential fixes.


Hello everyone, happy to join the community,

We are using Airbyte version 0.50.45 on AWS EC2. We are facing troubles with our connector to pull LinkedId Ads data. It runs on version 0.6.7, and started erroring since 26th June with HTTPError('426 Client Error: Upgrade Required for url: <;q=search>'). We set it up using Custom Ad Analytics Report pivoting MEMBER_REGION_V2 and granularity DAILY.

Because it seems to relate to some LinkedId Ads changes, I updated the connector to the most recently available one in our Airbyte version, which is LinkedId Ads version 0.7.0 - but trying to connect keeps failing. Does anyone have context around the error (or recent, breaking API changes)? Is it fixable in the version of the connector?

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