Troubleshooting Airbyte deployment with external PostgreSQL database


Error encountered during Airbyte deployment with external PostgreSQL database, specifically related to io.airbyte.db.check.DatabaseMigrationCheck. Unable to access default workspace page.


Hi team!

I wanted to share my experience deploying Airbyte locally using an external PostgreSQL database. I’ve already configured the .env file and commented out the database service in the docker-compose.yaml.
I’m using default ports and authentication is working fine. Additionally, I’ve created empty databases on my PostgreSQL instance. The setup seems okay, but when trying to access localhost:8000, I can’t see the default workspace page.

Checking the logs, I’ve come across this error (photo):

Apparently is failing on io.airbyte.db.check.DatabaseMigrationCheck

Any ideas for this case? Thank you in advance!

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