Troubleshooting custom connector API key issue in Airbyte Cloud


Custom connector hitting a simple URL with an API key works for most accounts but fails for one specific account in Airbyte Cloud with ‘Activity task failed’ error. Need tips for troubleshooting.


Hi! I’ve created a custom connector that hits a very simple URL with an API key, it’s as simple as it gets. For 11 of our accounts, it’s working great. But 1 API key, which connects fine locally, is returning Internal message: Activity with activityType='RunWithJobOutput' failed: 'Activity task failed'. scheduledEventId=12, startedEventId=13, activityId=8c633910-68da-384c-b883-c35adb29e63a, identity='1@prod-worker-848cf49b87-rj5q7', retryState=RETRY_STATE_MAXIMUM_ATTEMPTS_REACHED when I try to set it up as a source in Airbyte Cloud. I’ve confirmed that the API Key is good, there’s nothing different in the settings, there’s nothing unique about this account, and I do not know what to try next to troubleshoot. Anyone have any tips or help?

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