Typeform Source Data Transfer Limits with Form ID to Replicate Field


The user is experiencing data transfer limits when using the optional ‘Form ID to Replicate’ field in the Typeform source connector. Adding a second ID to the field has caused issues with data syncing, resulting in only 2k records being loaded, with duplicated rows.


Anyone using the Typeform source run into data transfer limits when using the optional “Form ID to Replicate” field?

• We had a working connector from a Typeform Source to a BigQuery Destination. It was set up with a single “Form ID to replicate” optional field. On May 3 we added a second ID to that optional field. Now, when syncing, it is not syncing all of the data: it doesn’t not load more than 2k records, half of which are duplicated rows (previously it was loading > 100k).
• Tried “Clear your data” and another sync but it resulted in the same issue again.
• Tried to split it to use two separate Typeform sources and connections for each form ID to see if that may be a potential workaround (as suggested by Airbyte support) but that didn’t work either.

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