Unsupported data type 'OBJECT' error in Databricks Lakehouse destination


The user is encountering an error due to unsupported data type ‘OBJECT’ in the Databricks Lakehouse destination. They are looking for a solution to prevent this error without using JSON serialization.


Hi, my source schema contains objects (and arrays) which are not supported by the Databricks Lakehouse destination. ist there another solution to prevent the following error without JSON serialization?
[UNSUPPORTED_DATATYPE] Unsupported data type “OBJECT”. SQLSTATE: 0A000 (line 1, pos 110)
== SQL ==
CREATE TABLE landing._airbyte_tmp_vsl_test (_airbyte_ab_id string, _airbyte_emitted_at string, federalState object, locality string, municipality object, name string, postalCode string) USING csv LOCATION ‘abfss:path_to_storage/d4a1697e-7676-4ca6-b960-8c683ceaced7/landing/_airbyte_tmp_vsl_test/’ options (“header” = “true”, “multiLine” = “true”)

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