Upgrading custom connector version in Airbyte


When trying to upgrade a custom connector version in Airbyte, the user is unsure if the upgrade was successful and still sees the old tag being used. They are looking for a way to have Airbyte detect when a custom connector is behind the current version and upgrade it in place without affecting the existing state.


I have a custom connector I’ve imported from ECR. I pushed a new version that shouldn’t change anything requiring a reset. I wanted to upgrade it in place, and the way it seemed to be possible is just typing in the new version and clicking “change”. But I don’t see for sure whether it did anything, and I still see the old tag 0.1.90 everywhere else I see this connector being used.

I have a feeling this is not the correct way to do it. How can I get airbyte to detect that I’m behind the current version on a custom connector, and then upgrade it in place (for cases where that’s not going to destroy “state” etc)?

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