Updating and releasing a connector for use in Airbyte


When updating and releasing a connector in Airbyte, will other connectors using it automatically use the newest version on the next sync?


If I update a connector I’ve built and release it, will any connectors I have that use it use that newest version on the next sync?

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Once a connector has been published for use within Airbyte, it doesn’t automatically update to the latest version in your existing configurations. You need to manually update the connector version in your configurations to use the latest version. If you’ve updated the specification of a connector and need to clear the cache so the API / UI picks up the change, you have two options: 1. Go to the Admin page in the UI and update the version of the connector. Updating to any version, including the one you’re already on, will trigger clearing the cache. 2. From your local airbyte-platform repository, restart the server by running the following commands: VERSION=dev docker compose down -v VERSION=dev docker compose up (Source: Developing Locally - Connector Specification Caching) Also, be aware that updates to the connector can have customer impact, so special care must be taken to account for this (Source: Maintaining connectors).

If you leave the Set as active version switch enabled in the Release new version modal, it will cause any sources built on top of it to automatically use the new version in the next sync.

If you disable that switch, then they will continue to use the version they are already using, unless you change the active version in the Builder page table

Okay awesome thank you, that was what i needed to know!