Verification of SENTRY error notification on self-hosted


Verify if SENTRY error notification is working on self-hosted platform with specific Docker configuration


Hoping someone could verify if SENTRY error notification works on self-hosted?

I’m running docker in ec2, version 0.50.44

I have defined within my docker environment:

Docker up does not return any errors and indicated that Sentry configuration is ok - however no logs ever ship to sentry.

Is there another setting somewhere which needs to be set?



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Hey Jason, what are you seeing when you say “indicated that Sentry configuration is ok”?

It should indeed work on self-hosted instances. However, note that the only thing that’s sent to sentry is any connector-level errors encountered - not platform-wise. We also only report an error if all sync attempts failed.

Thanks <@U038J3BLW3C>

By no error I was referring to docker up being clean without error.

It is possible that I haven’t hit the error yet, although I’m certain I have had pipelines which have exhausted tries and these have not been sent to sentry.

Is there anywhere that I can check to diagnose if it tried to fire to sentry on error?