Video tutorial for custom connector builder


Looking for a video tutorial on building custom connectors


Is there any video tutorial for custom connector builder

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Yes, there is a video tutorial available for the Airbyte Custom Connector Builder. The video is titled “Airbyte Custom Connector Builder Live Demo” and is part of the Airbyte Webinars series on YouTube. In this live demo, the presenter from the solutions engineering team at Airbyte showcases how users can easily build connectors from REST APIs using Airbyte’s flexible and extensible tools. The demo focuses on building a connector from the random user generator API, highlighting the platform’s customization capabilities through YAML configurations and the ability to add custom code. This tutorial encourages users to explore Airbyte’s platform, join demo sessions for basic setup guidance, and showcases the power and flexibility of Airbyte for data integration needs. For more detailed information, you can watch the video directly on YouTube via this link: Airbyte Custom Connector Builder Live Demo.