Worker process of Airbyte > v0.40.9 fails to start on custom S3 config

Hey, you work with which version of Airbyte?
have you tested 0.40.30+ and had issues with GCS logging?
c.f. Cloud Storage Configs are null for GCS logs storage type - #2 by marcosmarxm

Currently on 0.40.30, though the version is a bit irrelevant in my case - I use the manifests defined here: airbyte/kube at master · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub, with the modification to worker.yaml from my post above. I never had an issue with GCS logging, but an issue with workers writing state to GCS - because the state bucket and creds are not getting passed in the worker deployment configs.

As far as I can tell, as of the latest commit on master, the manifests still have that issue and require the worker modification posted above for the deployment to function on GCP.