Airbyte Mongo DB

Hello, I have a non-empty initial database and I want to add data from another database
Since Airbyte returns the data in the format below, how do I map collection by collection and attribute by attribute?
How to send the data to the right fields.

Hello and welcome to the Airbyte community, @Tim_randy! Just to clarify: do you want to add data from two different databases in the same source and make sure the collections and attributes add up?

no actually I want to add data from a source DB into a DB that doesn’t have exactly the same collections and make sure the collections and attributes add up

sorry for the delay i was unwell

Got it! This is definitely possible, which connectors will you be using?

S3 as source and Mongo Atlas as Destination

We don’t have a tutorial on doing this, but the only thing you should be aware of is that any collections that are added to the schema will be overwritten. If there are collections that are not being used by Airbyte, they will not be chamged.

I have read in your documentation that I can use dbt to do the transformations.
How can I combine dbt with aribyte ??

Have you seen this part of the documentation?

i’m using Airbyte cloud ---- i have this pb when i try to make Transformation

I read this article but I still don’t know if dbt is included in the airbyte cloud version

Please use the chat function within your Airbyte Cloud instance for support: OSS support is separate form Cloud support!