Airbyte port forwarding in Kubernetes namespace

I’m installing Airbyte on Kubernetes in its own namespace called airbyte. I’m using this guide:

Airbyte deploys successfully to the airbyte namespace with no errors, and I can check the pod and see all services running:

airbyte-bootloader 0/1 Completed 0 22h
airbyte-db-6d59f6bcdb-qdzzt 1/1 Running 0 22h
airbyte-minio-5f776f998c-pwpw8 1/1 Running 0 22h
airbyte-pod-sweeper-78bfcbd996-j2dwp 1/1 Running 0 22h
airbyte-scheduler-c9b854f87-7x98k 1/1 Running 0 22h
airbyte-server-7fb7b69498-6c2hd 1/1 Running 0 22h
airbyte-temporal-5b87d69b47-njxz6 1/1 Running 0 22h
airbyte-webapp-77bf44bff8-glm5h 1/1 Running 0 22h
airbyte-worker-5c4bf4f5cc-52lfc 1/1 Running 0 22h

The final step under the Launch Airbyte section of the guide is to run this command to forward traffic to the UI/API:

kubectl port-forward svc/airbyte-webapp-svc 8000:80

However when I do that I get an error “Error from server (NotFound): services “airbyte-webapp-svc” not found”.

I previously installed Airbyte to the default namespace and it did not throw this error when forwarding the port and I was able to access the UI successfully. Are there additional steps necessary to complete the installation in a non-default namespace? Does the port forwarding command have to be directed at the airbyte namespace I created?

You’re using a custom namespace you need to specify the namespace in the port-forward command.

I figured that out about 15 minutes after making this post lol. Thank you for the reply.